Freight Factoring Companies – How Do They Work?

7VV3mp7An invoice factoring company is very similar to a freight company; the only difference is the factoring company is used specifically by transportation organizations which include brokerages as well as freight companies.

In the freight industry, these companies have loyal shippers and clients, but sometimes we cannot avoid the fact that some clients pay all their invoices weeks and even longer time after the due date that can cause some critical cash flow problems and can affect the growth of your freight factoring company.The factoring fees will depend on a number of factors. The first factor is the credibility of your client as researched and defined by your factoring company.

The Solution to Cash Flow Problems

Most trucking companies experience cash flow problems most of the time due to one reason, they don’t get the money they need in time. Clients and collecting payments can be a real headache because aside from the fact that you have to devise a way to get the money you need, you are also faced with your own company’s needs and expenses that also have to be met as soon as possible. Most companies just don’t have enough funding in their own bank accounts to compensate for their daily expenses while waiting for payment from clients.

Freight factoring companies provide the much needed financing and helps cash flow go back to normal.

Freight Bill Factoring for Trucking Process

Freight factoring for transportation companies are structured in two ways. You can choose to have a two installment transaction or a full advance transaction. Bigger companies would opt to choose the two installment transaction since they still have enough funds in their account to compensate for the shortage while smaller.

The full advance transaction is where the freight factoring company buys the invoice in one single payment and charges with a flat service fee. On the other hand the two installment transaction has two steps involved: the advance and the rebate. Companies first get the advance which makes up 90% of the invoice value. The last 10% or the rebate will be given once the client pays their dues.

How to Qualify for Freight Bill Factoring?

Transportation companies can easily qualify for freight bill factoring and will only need the following: Proper insurance and a motor carrier authority. Also, your clients should also have excellent commercial credit to guarantee that they will pay you after weeks or months from receiving the invoice. And lastly, your company should be free from any tax or legal problems.

Semi Maintenance Tips – Making Tires Last Longer

truck-731453_640If you plan to buy a new tire anytime soon, be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets as the prices are expected to rise. Thus, making tires last longer is more important now that ever. How do you do that?
Experts in this field belief that there is a direct relationship between your driving habits and your tires life span. Thus, driving habits like over speeding, making abrupt quick stops, driving on rugged terrain like potholes, significantly reduces your tires life span. Driving under such conditions increases the heat generation which increases the wearing out of your tires hence improving your driving habits to boost your tires life span.

Constantly checking your tires pressure is another way of increasing life span. Weekly pressure check or if possible checking your tires each time you stop at gas station is important because it ensures you always get good mileage while increasing their life span. Thus, get a tire pressure gauge and check your tires preferably before starting your day. If your car has tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it will alert you when the pressure is low with some more advanced ones giving you the pressure reading for each tire. Checking your pressure ensures that the surface of your tire touching the road is not more that what the manufacture had intended to while designing which in turn reduces the wear surface.

Another good tip to improving tires lifespan is conducting a visual examination to see if there are any cuts. Remember, you are not driving on perfectly smooth roads, thus it is possible to encounter sharp objects like nails which cause cuts on your tires. If you happen to spot any cuts, don’t wait until you have a flat tire to repair, but instead repair any small cuts or if the holes are larger, replace the tires.

Tire rotation is another simple way of making tires last longer. Tire rotation is important for ensuring there is a uniform wear and tear in all your tires. Remember, the rate of wear of front tires is different from rear tires same to right and left tires. Thus, remove and relocate each tire preferably after driving more than 6000 miles or when getting an oil change. Tire rotation can be done at home if you have the right tools or have it done by a mechanic.

Wheel alignment is another important feature of tire maintenance. Wheel alignment ensures that your tires are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other and only a mechanic can make that happen. Signs of uneven thread wear patterns or off angles indicate improper alignment and thus you need proper alignment.

With this information, it is easy to see why your last tire didn’t last long. Hence, use these tips to increase the lifespan of your current tires.

In the APU Market? Check Out Parks Industries Latest Offering

The HP2000 APU is one of the most rugged APU’s to date. The Hp2000 APU is built in the heart of the U.S.A at the Parks’ Industries headquarters located at 15460 Crabtree School Road in Marion, IL. Quality, value, and exceptional service and support are foundation from which the HP2000 APU is built.

It comes with a weather-sealed lid, reinforced frame, and it is built to handle rough hp2000 apu control unitconditions and extreme temperatures that drivers battle every day.

By eliminating the need for the vehicle’s engine to idle, it reduces fuel consumption and eliminates engine wear and tear. In fact, HP2000 APU is known to reduce fuel consumption by up to 90 percent. Also, the patented components used in the APU reduce noise and weight of the machine.

Here are a few benefits of the HP2000 APU:

Instant Installation

The APU can be fixed in your vehicle is less than 4 hours. The APU comes with a plug-n-play cabling system which reduces installation time. In a few trucks, the ducting system of the APU can be easily integrated with the vehicle’s existing ducting system.

Technologically Advanced

The control systems of the HP2000 APU are state of the art yet easy to operate. Some of the features included in this system are coolant temperature indicator, calendar start, and low battery indicator. A few other useful features you can find in this high tech system are cool climate control and auto heat.

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Maintenance

If you turn off the engine when the vehicle is parked, it not only reduces fuel consumption but also reduces engine wear and tear. The HP2000 allows you to switch off your vehicle when parked, which reduces fuel and maintenance expenses. Reduced emission is an added bonus of use this APU.

Quiet and Efficient Heat Pump System

What differentiates HP2000 from other APU’s is the quiet and efficient heat pump system. The system uses limited components to heat and cool, which translates to a lower cost for you. Also, it also reduces component wear and tear which reduces the failure rate. The APU uses a larger than necessary cooling system to keeps your vehicle cool during summers. During winter, it uses the heat generated by the engine to maintain temperature.

Dependable Power

Unlike other APU’s available in the marketplace, the HP2000 comes with an inverter/alternator combination to provide high quality uninterrupted AC power. Also, if you exclude the generator head, the HP2000 is about 200 lbs lighter that most other APU’s.

High BTU Rating

Since the HP2000 is capable of producing over 20,000 BTU of both heat and A/C, it keeps you warm or cool during extreme temperatures.

Quite and Smooth

The heat-pump system of the run is driven by the two-cylinder Kohler engine which is smooth, quite, and requires little maintenance. The machine is also powder coated to prevent corrosion. The HP2000 also had large lid which makes it easy to service the machine.

Extensive Warranty

The HP2000 APU comes with a 5 year/6,000 hour warranty, which is one of the best in the industry. This is a clear indication of the confidence the company has on its product.

Benefits of Using HP2000 on a Semi-truck

If you are looking for an APU for your semi-truck, you should check out the HP2000. It is one of the most popular systems on semi-trucks in the United States and parts of Europe. Some of the reasons for its extreme popularity are:

Extremely Lightweight

The total weight of the unit is just 345 lbs, which makes it one of the lightest APU in the market. Even though the weight may not effect fuel consumption, it will definitely reduce the load of the semi-truck. Also, a lightweight APU is easier to mount and dismount.

High BTU rating

Most semi-trucks operate throughout the year, which means that a lot of truck’s resources are used during extreme temperatures. To work in these extreme temperatures, truck drivers will need an APU that provides cool or hot air for prolonged period. The HP2000 is capable of producing over 20,000 BTU of both heat and A/C. This is sufficient enough to cover the needs of the truck driver.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

The popular anti-idling law is adopted by most states in America. Most ordinary APU’s have a consumption rating ranging from 0.75 to 1.2 gallons per hour, which higher that what the rules recommend. The HP2000 used just 0.11 gallons per hour, which is lower than the limit recommended in anti-idling law.


When you compare HP2000 with other APU’s, you will find that it is the quietest APU in the market. No other APU is able to equal the performance of the HP2000.


HP2000_APU_InsideOne of the biggest challenges faced by truck owners is installing an APU. The problem becomes even more acute if the chassis has not been designed keeping APU in mind. If you buy a large APU, you may have to relocate the air dryer and fuel tanks to fix the APU. The HP2000 is compact and can easily fit most chassis.

Final Thoughts

The HP2000 APU is an excellent product that is cost effective, fuel efficient, and compact. If you are considering buying an APU, you must check out the feature-rich and durable HP2000 before placing an order.

Why You Need To Change The Parts Of Your Truck

Every vehicle that can be found on the roads is made out of a certain number of parts. Some can be changed easily, like a headlight, while others are harder to find or simply harder to identify – like a small piece that is within the engine. This is valid for any type of vehicle, from sedans to trucks, but while the sedan is easy to work with, the trucks are big and hard to handle.

alliance-parts-family_webThis being said, if you’ve got a truck or a semi truck that you work with, or that you own, it’s important to know some details about mechanics, specific details about how this kind of vehicle works and what are the parts that you can change within it.

Here are some reasons why you need to know these details but also why you need to change the parts of your truck, the ones that can be changed, at least.

It’s a Whole

The truck can’t work properly if you take out an important part. For example, if you take out a part of the engine or of something from the engine breaks, the truck won’t work anymore.

Everyone knows this, but for some people this is even more important. Usually, the trucks are driven by those who do this as a profession, it’s their way of living, so this means that with no working truck there will be no work for them either.
Because the truck functions as a whole, you need to change whatever is damaged within it – the parts and accessories that can be changed when they are old, when they are broken or when they need to be changed.


semi-truck-wrap-and-graphicsXLThe Periodical Technical Inspection is something that is mandatory for any vehicle, so the trucks will also have to undergo one. The PTI will tell you if your truck can be used on public roads, and it covers a check up for all the systems of the vehicle, from lighting to breaks.

If you know you’ve got something that doesn’t work, like a headlight or a break, you will have to change it before you go for the PTI. If you don’t do it, and you don’t pass the PTI, you will have to change the parts that are damaged and then go again for the PTI. The inspector won’t give you the OK for the PTI unless your truck functions perfectly, as he will check everything from top to bottom.

The Maintenance

Regular maintenance is made for every car, and even if the authorities don’t request you to do this as a mandatory task, every driver from every type of vehicle knows how important this is.

Regular maintenance means that you will have to change the oil for the engine, the filters for the gas and for the air and pollen – for those who have an AC unit installed. Apart from this, the car service where you take your vehicle will also check everything from top to bottom, from head lights to break lights. The break system will also be checked, along with the electrical system, the engine and everything else that makes the vehicle and helps it in functioning.

It’s more than the PTI, because the regular maintenance makes sure that every part of your vehicle works properly and it is changed regularly. These are called consumable parts – like the oil and the filters, but at the regular maintenance, the mechanic will also tell you if there are other parts that need to be changed. It’s better if you perform first the regular maintenance and then take your vehicle to the PTI, as this will ensure you that your vehicle will receive a positive PTI and your truck can be driven on public roads.